Dennis Parnell

Dennis Parnell singing Handel

                Vocal Techniques

Singing in today’s amazingly diverse world requires techniques which will keep singers and their voices healthy and singing at their best.

Dennis Parnell is a master teacher with a proven track record. Not only can he teach these techniques, but he is also able to demonstrate them. His eclectic career includes doo-wop, Rock, jazz, pop, opera (both countertenor and tenor), Cantorial singing (both in the synagogue and for the Catholic Church), choir singing, harmonic singing and Tuvan throat singing.

His students have appeared at La Scala, the Metropolitan Opera, Covent Garden, and on American Idol, The Voice, recordings, and musical theater productions all over the world. His voice can be heard on several Grammy award winning albums, and on several CDs as a cantor or a Gregorian Choir.

He teaching methods are fact-based and practical. They are based on acoustical principals, physics, and a sound working knowledge of both current styles and older, “legit” styles of singing.